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As we all know, in the cake decorating business, photos are everything.

They can make or break the way people see your business. They can show people how good your skills are, how professional you are and, most importantly, what you can do for their next event. Taking a great photo can lead you to many more new clients, because you have captured your cake the way it was supposed to be seen: in an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING light!

Capturing your cake doesn’t just produce new clients. It also gives you and your business the opportunity for your work to be showcased on other people’s blogs, websites and social network pages. That in itself will give your business more credibility in this industry and therefore produce more orders.

So, what we are going to share with you here are all the techniques that a professional photographer would use if they were taking a photo but only had their smartphone! We will teach you a realistic way to capture your cakes without investing in an expensive camera or professional services.

Now the best part about this course is that it is yours to keep forever. You can rewind, pause, or play it over and over again until you have perfected how to capture that perfect photo.

Whether you are a cake decorator, cupcake maker, cookie master, cake pop pro, macaroon creator, dessert stylist, online shop retailer, or anyone else in the dessert industry, this course is a must have for you and your flourishing business.

This is where the course comes into play.  It teaches you…

How to Take Professional Looking Photos With Your Smartphone!


1. LadyJ

Let me ask you if this sounds familiar. You’ve started your own business, you’re extremely excited that you’ve got an order and you’re working until the wee hours to make sure it is perfect. (There may even be some blood, sweat and tears on the job!) It’s finally finished, it looks absolutely stunning and you’re high-fiving yourself over what you have created.

You then take a photo of it from your work station with your smartphone so you can show the world your amazing creation. You deliver the cake, come home and go to post the picture on your website, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Then something unexpected happens, you don’t get a lot of responses and realize the photo isn’t that great. It didn’t capture all the hours you spent. It simply didn’t do your product justice. And after all that hard work, you’re left feeling deflated because the cake is gone and you can’t capture that unique creation again. If something like this has happened to you, you’re not alone!




The thought of buying a digital SLR camera plus lens (minimum $600), buying the correct lighting, taking a professional photography course (minimum $300) and buying all the software (minimum $150) just isn’t an option for you right now, as it’s just too expensive, especially if you already wear all the hats in your business. It can be overwhelming being the – designer, decorator, website developer, bookkeeper and now photographer! If you started this business because you truly wanted to mix your passion with your career and live the working dream, you know it can be challenging at times.


So let me introduce you to my online course, simply called…


“Capture Your Cake”


In this online course, I’ll show you the exact same techniques I teach my personal students, with full-length videos showing you how to take amazing looking images the first time, and every time. And here’s the best part…


You can watch everything at your own pace, whenever you want! And you’ll have it forever.



2. Kiss_n_Cake


No matter where you are in the world, you can have access to the entire course and have it to refer back to again and again. The entire course is 9 full-length videos showing you exactly how to capture your cake with your smartphone, and includes…

Meet Andy
Andy Knight – Owner of Forscene Studios in Melbourne, Australia & Co-Owner of
‘I studied Digital Technology after I finished high school and 3 years into University I realised I needed a break from it all, so I packed my bags and sent myself to the U.S.A for 8 weeks, hoping I would find my calling and sure enough I did!
While travelling I was amazed at how the Americans did their advertising; their catalogues, magazines, billboards.
Every advertisement was so eye catching and their photography work was spectacular.  It was at that point I knew that I had to delve into the world of photography.
On my return I bought my first camera and immediately took 4 rolls of photos – thinking I had it in the bag. I was so excited to print the photos and very quickly realised how bad the photos were.  It was the days of film, when digital cameras were just being introduced to the market, so I could not look at the back of my camera for reference.  My photos were almost black, I had used no lighting as I heard professionals do not need to use a flash!
I decided to take the plunge and quit Digital Technology to enrol into a professional photography course.
Upon completion 3 years later my goal was to photograph fashion catwalks.  I knew that experience was the key to be successfully selected as a catwalk photographer at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week and Melbourne Mercedes Fashion Week.  From there the jobs grew. I was shooting many catwalks, catalogues, products and even weddings.
It was in 2011 I took the plunge and opened the doors to Forscene Studios.
With fast success I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most reputable brands out there.
Whilst working commercially I decided to teach hobbyists’ how to become professional photographers with one-on-one classes as I know just how hard it can be to capture the perfect photo when starting out.
When Miranda Piotrovska, Owner of Sweet Sticks and, approached me with the idea of creating a course to teach people how to take professional looking photos with their smartphone, my ears pricked up immediately.
I personally know how much time and money it can cost to capture the perfect photo and know it’s almost impossible for micro to small businesses to achieve whilst trying to start or build their businesses.
This course is a way for people to allow their work to shine and get reputable credit on a social media front and also of-course new clients.
We’ve made this course extremely affordable so we can help the micro/small businesses against the big guns out there and get the credit they deserve when they create such beautiful creations.
“I want to empower and encourage people to shine through their passions.  This course is designed to do just that!”
“I do what it takes to get the right image, and I try to foresee the resulting image before touching my camera” – Andy Knight, Forscene Studios
Core Video Training Showing You the Step-by-Step Approach
Step by step videos include:
Video 1: Introduction & Equipment

Equipment plays a big part in capturing great images. Without the proper equipment (which isn’t expensive or hard to find, no matter where you live), you’re fighting an uphill battle that you’re destined to lose. So in Video 1, we cover the basics – all the equipment you need to capture great images.

Video 2: Lighting – How to use it in your home or office.

It should be obvious, but the perfect photo starts with the right lighting. Without the right lighting and the correct product positioning, you could be left with a dull, boring, flat image. I’ll reveal how to find the right lighting, how to position your cake and why it’s so important.

Video 3: Reflectors – What they are and how to use them.

Reflectors are an often-overlooked aspect when taking photos of your product. Using reflectors can take your photo from “just okay” to “wow!” We go through how to increase and decrease a shadow to suit your cake.

Video 4: Shooting at night – the 2am rescue.
You’ve been baking and decorating all day and all night, and you need to deliver this cake first thing in the morning! But before you do, you need that photo or else no one will see all the hard work you have put into it. Well, we show you how to capture a great photo (even at night).
Video 5: Composition – Rules of thirds

In photography, composition means how you arrange or put together the items that make up your image. We want to create a composition that captures your cake in the most appealing manner for your audience. Learning what composition is and the using of the “rule of thirds” will help you understand what looks most appealing. We can also use this rule to draw attention to particular areas of the cake.

Video 6: Colours – How to use right colours in your photo.

Using complementary colors can create appeal without the viewer even realizing it and it’s these techniques that will get your photo noticed. We cover what you need to know about using color techniques visually and also emotionally in your image.

Video 7: Props & Set Up

This video is where I show you how to make your cake stand out and dazzle a crowd. Using props in an image is normally reserved for professional photographers. That will all change once you watch this video.

Video 8: Large cakes

Taking a photo of a cupcake and a photo of a three-tiered cake are a little different. The size of each of them says it all. In this video, we cover all you need to know about capturing that beautiful shot of your amazing large cake creation.

Video 9: Dessert tables

Dessert tables play a huge part at all special events, whether they are birthday parties or weddings. You’ve designed it in your head and the only time you see it come to life is when you are setting up at the location. Trying to capture a great photo can be quite hard, to say the least. In this video, we cover what you need to know to create a lasting memory of your masterpiece and get that photo shared over and over again.

3. SweetEmpire
4. SweetSticks

Plus, I’m happy to give you SEVEN FREE BONUSES to Truly Get You On Your Way to Capturing Your Cake Like The Professionals! 

  • FREE BONUS #1 E-Book: Along with the nine full-length video modules, you’ll also be getting my instantly downloadable e-book that includes all of the information in the videos in an e-book format… perfect for referring back to again and again on your business journey.
  • FREE BONUS #2: An Exclusive Invitation to My PRIVATE Facebook Group: Want to interact with me and other like-minded people from around the world one-on-one? Now’s your chance. As part of this entire package, you’ll receive membership in an exclusive club – a forum where you can ask questions, share your successes and get ongoing tips from myself.
  • FREE BONUS #3: How to use Photoshop on your smartphone:The program Photoshop can be quite overwhelming if you’re a newbie. In this video we show you the key elements you may need to take that image from “Wow!” to “OMG!”
  • FREE BONUS #4: How to blur your background: You probably thought blurring the background of an image can only be done with a professional SLR camera, right? Well, you thought wrong. We show you how to blur the background of your image to make it look even more professional.
  • FREE BONUS #5: How to watermark your imagesOnce you’ve mastered how to take a great shot, it’s now time to add your stamp and protect your creation. We go through a live step-by-step process on how to watermark your image. Not only do we show you how to do it, but we also show you how to do it the right way!
  • FREE BONUS #6: Putting it altogether: It is one thing to know all the tools to put together a great photo and it’s another when you see it actually done in front of you. In this video, we show you step-by-step how to use all these features to bring your photo to life.
  • FREE BONUS #7: Do you look professional?:  Now that you know how to take a great photo, it’s time to understand how you want others to perceive you and your business. Consistency and style play a big part in success in this industry. The more you know what you are about, the easier it is for others to understand and love you. In this video, we talk candidly about what you need to think about when putting it altogether and give you some examples of consistency and style.

If you are serious about your business and want to take it to the next level, this course is your first step. I can’t emphasize the importance of great images in this industry. Making a beautiful cake is one thing, but being able to capture it in a photograph the way it should be is another. Images are everything. This business is all visual. Take your business to where it should be.

Because I want to help the widest possible audience take professional photos like they should be for their business and help them grow to another level, I’m offering you the entire package for a one-time investment of just $97! 




And of course, everything comes with a “You Love it or I Buy it Back From You Guarantee.” If you don’t love Capture Your Cake for any reason, or no reason at all, simply drop me a line at and I’ll buy the entire course back from you out of my own pocket.
So Here’s What to Do Next…
Click the ‘Buy Now’ Button below and within five minutes you can start learning the secrets to capturing your cake all with your smartphone. Remember, I either deliver on everything I’ve said here today or I’ll personally buy the entire course back from you, no questions asked. I want your images to represent your business as best as they possibly can. So let’s get started…





Andy & Miranda


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